That’s That.

It’s the end of my last day at my internship, which means many things, but the biggest of which is: I’m leaving tomorrow. It kind of hasn’t really hit me yet? That I’m leaving? I don’t know. I’ve been ready to leave for like two weeks now because I’m just so ready to go home, but now that I’m actually leaving it’s kind of heartbreaking. I was walking down the street in Santa Monica on my lunch today thinking, Wait, this is the last time I’m going to do this… and got a little emotional.

Anyway, tomorrow morning starts my trek back. I’ll be driving about 8 hours each day.

Things I’m going to do as soon as I get back:

  • Kiss my cute little cat
  • Hug my mom, my brother and my little niece and nephew
  • Eat some Mr. Ventry’s pizza & wings
  • Eat some Tully’s chicken fingers and loaded fries
  • Kiss my cat again
  • Relax.

Tonight I’m going to finish packing and tomorrow I’m hitting the road.


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