Last week was tough. I had 32 hours at my part-time job and 30 at my internship. So. 62 hours but only paid for 32. Which is wonderful. I’m not trying to be ungrateful, as I am extremely thankful for this opportunity. I’m just a bit stressed. Thankfully, that week is over and this week is going to be a lot more fun.

Starting off, today I’m going to a concert – Briana Buckmaster and The Station Breaks. Thursday I’m going to San Diego for a pre-SDCC event called Wayward Cocktails where fans of the show Supernatural congregate and have a few drinks! And Saturday I’m going to a comedy show featuring some of my favorite internet personalities/comedians Mike Falzone, Elliott Morgan, and William Haynes (and others that I don’t know but will surely love).

This week will definitely be a reprieve from the constant stress of work.

Here’s some math (this is how my anxiety manifests itself, by computing numbers and breaking them into statistics to either be proud of or be MORE anxious about):

Total Days of being in L.A.: 69
Days I will have worked while in L.A. (counting internship): 58
Longest runs of days in a row worked: 17 days – then off two days, then 17 more days, then off one day, then 15 more days… then I leave to come home.
Days of work I will get paid for:  30
Days (so far) that I’ve worked 8-10 hour shifts: 40 (out of 50 days)
Days left that I will (likely) have to work at my part-time job: 9
Total Days left: 19
Number of scripts/novels read (so far): 25
Average number of minutes to get to my internship each day: 60
Total Steps Taken (approx.): 300,000
Hours of Bill Hader videos/films/shows watched: …Undetermined

Once again, I don’t want to sound ungrateful. This has been a huge learning experience for me and incredibly valuable, but I’m human, and I’m just a little tired at the moment.

One thing is for sure, I’m ready to come home and eat some pizza and wings, some Tully’s chicken fingers too, and see my friends and family. And of course, my little baby Elmo cat who is not little nor a baby, but from what my mom tells me, is getting along swimmingly with his Uncle Panda (my mom’s dog), and his Grammy (my mom).



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