Things are stressful again. As it gets closer to when I’m going to have to film my project, I’m realizing I have no time to do it with my full-time job. Thankfully, today I got a day off due to a snowstorm, so I was able to get some stuff done. But, then there is so much that I have to do that I can’t get done at home and won’t be able to do until I know who is going to be in my film. Once I cast, I think I will feel a little bit better because then I can schedule shooting days and then I’ll be slightly less stressed because they will be in place.

Fingers crossed that the schedules of my actors actually work together and then I can fuckin go to my boss and have dates to say “I need these off.” Then we’ll go from there.

I’m so tired. Plus, I have to get ready for my trip to L.A. which I will be leaving for THREE WEEKS FROM TODAY HOLY BALLS. Okay. This is insane.


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