I realized today that I’d been under the impression that I have only a month to cast, film, and edit a 12-minute short film, and it was stressing me out a great deal. But upon further examination, I noticed I’d read the dates wrong. I have a month to FILM it, and then another month to edit it.

This was… the most freeing realization. I’ve been so worried about how I could ever possibly do this in that amount of time, especially when I work 32 hours a week. But, thankfully, I was just misinformed.

The stress I have been under has lessened. I was just offered the Assistant Manager position at my job and I took it because of the pay. But I was second-guessing the decision with how little time I’d have to create this film, but now I’m feeling much better. I’m so mad at myself for misreading that and causing so much added stress.


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