The other day my mom picked up my nephew from hockey practice and took him to the store to buy some groceries. While there, she asked him if he wanted a nice treat. She had been hoping that he would pick cupcakes, but he chose powdered sugar donuts.

When she came home with him, she told me the story and showed me the donuts, and I said, “You know you’re an adult, right? You could have bought the cupcakes, AND what he wanted. That’s the best part about being an adult: being able to buy whatever you want!” (Obviously, this is coming from the perspective of an adult with, not a significant amount of money, but a steady job that gives the means to buy two types of pastries.)

This story hit me right now because I just realized I ate the last bag of microwave popcorn the other day and now have none left when I really just wanted some popcorn. I CAN GO GET SOME. I have the freedom to do so! And I feel privileged, but also I’m sad that I have to leave my house to do it.


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