I’ve Missed A Few…

I’m aware, I haven’t exactly been meeting the goal I’ve set for myself. But, I’m glad I’m doing this, and I will continue to do it. I’ve already written more in the past week than I normally would have, and that is really the point of it all. I’m doing this to get myself writing. Whether that be angry rants on Twitter or random life updates in blog format. It’s already given me the motivation to work on something I’ve been putting off for too long. I’ve got at least a hundred letters to send out (all the same, but to different people) and I hadn’t even written out the letter. But now I have. And I genuinely believe it is because I’ve started to get my creative juices flowing. When I write, even silly things that don’t matter, it reassures me that I can do this, and it just makes me want to write more!

I don’t work a lot this week, which is wonderful. So I’ll spend my extra time writing… and watching Grace & Frankie, but that’s beside the point (and hey, as an aspiring television writer, I can call it research, right?). 😉


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