Two in One!

To make up for my lack of posting yesterday, I’ve decided to double up today so I can still hit the end goal of 355 posts at the end of the year!

I’ve had a very stressful two days, today especially. Work woes. Last day off was Tuesday and I’ve done nothing but stress ever since. Thankfully, tomorrow I get a bit of a break at work, though I do still have an 8 hour day, it’ll be less of a workload, and then afterward I’ll be heading to a party to celebrate my niece’s 4th birthday! Can’t wait to spend time with family and friends. Then I have a full day off.

I’ll be using that day to write. I have letters to write, as well as a 15-page screenplay that I will be turning into a short film next semester for school. Anyone have any tips for staying focused while writing? Greatly appreciated.

Til tomorrow, stay safe.

After tomorrow, just fuckin’ go nuts.


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