This dude again…

The first amendment of the Constitution states clearly, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Putting aside (for now) that CURRENTLY, Trump has attacked that right for many of our Mulsim citizens and those who are seeking refuge in our country, the constitution A L R E A D Y protects our freedom of religion. An executive order under the guise of “Religious Freedom” would be redundant, so why introduce it? Because it isn’t not about religious freedom, it’s about religious imposition. The executive order that is very likely going to be proposed and signed soon gives people and companies and the government the right to IMPOSE their religious beliefs on OTHER PEOPLE by allowing them, by law, to discriminate against them. Ignoring the fact that, almost all religions, at their basis, preach about loving and accepting and leaving the JUDGING up to God, discrimination, in ANY form, should never be legalized by the government. Just yesterday, the White House said they would continue to uphold the LGBTQ+ order that Obama put into place, but that was a manipulation. A way to say, “Hey, this NEW executive order isn’t anti-lgbtq+ because I kept this other one, remember!?” But this new executive order effectively nullifies Obama’s. That is the behavior of an abuser, to make you feel like they are on your side while actively trying to harm you, and not only that, but get other people to think you are overreacting or that you don’t know what is actually happening to your own self(gaslighting). It’s disgusting. Everything he has done since taking office (and much, much, earlier) is repugnant, at many times unconstitutional, and harmful to so many. But I know that many people will continue to fight back against him, and his administration (Bannon, Pence, et all). He’s not slowing down, because he wants us to be tired out. But if we give an inch, he’ll take our whole lives.


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