We are 10 days into this year and it’s proving to be a strange, trying one. The incoming presidential administration committed treason before its even begun and we will very possibly be living under a Russian Dictator’s control very soon. It’s lovely. There is so much going on, and every day, as new, terrible things come out, I find myself wondering if anything will ever be done about it. How can a person be so unqualified for a job, have committed the highest of crimes against the entire country, and still be able to take the seat in such a high position of power? It makes no sense to me, and until something is done about it, I will continue to complain and make my voice heard in any way that I can. Some people say that complaining on the internet doesn’t help anyone, but its just not true. It gives a hope to those who think they are alone in their despair, to see that there are others out there who are just as distraught. Yes, we as people, should do more than complain on the internet, but there’s no harm in simultaneously complaining and acting. Calling representatives and requesting something be done about this situation, and then giving a call out into the ether to say, “GOT DAMN, THIS IS A REALLY UPSETTING TIME IN HISTORY.” 

Anyway, complain away. Stand up for yourselves, and stand up for those whose voices don’t get heard very often. Amplify their voices, give them a platform. Let them speak their experiences and their troubles. We’re all having a hard time. We have to be compassionate and understanding of others.

That’s not to say, “be nice to bigots” because dear god, don’t. We can’t all just be nice and get along, we have to fight. We have to fight those who tell us to be quiet, and tell us that OUR plight is the reason for our oppression. People who blame the oppressed for their oppression are just afraid to lose their privileged status.

The fight is for equality and human decency, but it has been peddled as something ugly and mean – something it is not. Marginalized groups are not responsible for the people who try to stomp them out. A culture is not to blame for its counterculture. It’s not the fault of a black trans woman that a straight, cis, white man just ~doesn’t like her~ and wants to make sure she’s not allowed to use a bathroom or some bullshit. Stop being assholes. Let people be who they are, and give them goddamn equal rights and protections under the law. The only thing you will lose is the power to tell others how to live their lives, which, you shouldn’t have in the first place.

-E. Marie.


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